Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you got everything you wanted (I know I did) and then some! Here is Youkai Watch V.1 Ch.3 for your viewing pleasures ^^. I am really starting to enjoy the manga and love the comedy (Jibanyan is my <3) With that being said, go ahead and download!

On another note: Youkai Watch’s anime will be streaming in the USA and Europe sometime soon. What does that mean? Well, Youkai Watch, which is going to be called Yo-Kai watch, will be available to stream in english for the first time! Hoping we get the games and other merchandise here in the states and Europe. What does this mean for the manga? Well if it does get picked up by a US publisher, we will drop it of course lol. With that being said, please enjoy our scans for the time being ^^

As usual we need more staff (Translators from ANY LANGUAGE) so please apply !!!

Youkai Watch V.1 Ch.3


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