[New Series] Midnight V.2 Ch.9

Yay more Tezuka goodness~

Today we present to you the first chapter of V.2 of Midnight! The old group I used to work with, BLAH, did V.1 and it is available all over the internets and we will post it here eventually once we get the site in order ^^. Midnight is a personal Tezuka favorite of mine so when I found the staff to help work on it I was pretty excited! Thanks to our lovely translator Ailly, our typesetters amtt (myself) and Pakun, and also the great Zippy for her wonderful QC work. We will have a steady release of the series so stay tuned for more. Here is the download link:

Midnight V.2 Ch.9

Also, expect to see more Leo soon. Finally got that one moving again so can’t wait to get it out to you all. As always, Donations are appreciated for raws and stuff and also Translators and Editors (ANY LANGUAGES) are really needed. As always happy reading and leave some feedback on how you felt about the chapter 😀


3 thoughts on “[New Series] Midnight V.2 Ch.9

  1. Thank you so much for picking this up! I read the first volume a while ago and I’ve always wanted to read more. I look forward to upcoming releases.

  2. Hahahaha this series has sit on my reading list for 3 years I never thought anyone would pick it up. Thank you, good sirs.

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