[New Releases] Oneshots: Song of Youth Series & Memoirs of a Dancer.

Well today we have 2 new oneshots for ya!

#1 Song of Youth: This is a cute little silent manga that was published in an alternative manga magazine called Garo back in June of 1966. While this series was amazing, there are also many others from Garo we would like to do.  Therefore, our pal’s over at Habanero Scans (who provided the raws for this series) Have posted raws and such from issues of Garo. Please help out if you can~

Songs of Youth oneshot

#2 Memoirs of a Dancer: Thanks again to Elemhunter for providing us with this wonderful oneshot. We decided a good synopsis for it would be something along the lines of “A man is on a research expedition in an underwater city, when he suddenly discovers a holographic recording of a ballerina.” It isn’t that long so we can’t reveal too much ^.^’

Memoirs of a Dancer oneshot

Again, we could use some Donations, as well as some Typesetters/Cleaners and some Jp/Ch/Fr translators to wrap some things up.


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