[New Series] Youkai Watch: WakuWaku Nyanderful Days V1 Ch01

Hey there, everybody! Got a new series here for you all! You may all remember Youkai Watch from when Golden Roze returned from hiatus. It was one of the first series we were working on back then (I say “we”, but truth be told I wasn’t actually in the group back then, hehe). Anyway, we dropped the main series once it got licensed for an English release, but now we have this spin-off series! I’m pretty excited about it (pun totally intended). You can find the chapter below. šŸ™‚


This series, featuring the subtitle “WakuWaku Nyanderful Days” was created by Mori Chikako, who is known for such works as Charm Angel, Waza Ari Kiwami-chan, among others.
This series began being serialized in the shoujo magazine, Ciao Comics, with the first chapter being printed in their December 27, 2013 issue. It has, at the time of this post, had one volume released and is still ongoing.


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