[New Release] Kurayami Santa BATCH

Hey there, everybody! Today we’ve got a batch of all 13 of the episodes of Kurayami Santa that aired on TV. That’s episode 01, as well as episodes 03 through 14.
We’ve included a few “v2” versions in here, for episodes 1, 3, 4, and 7. There aren’t any changes to the script in these new files, just a few minor typesetting & stylistic fixes.


When the DVD comes out, if we’re able to get our hands on a rip of it, we plan to subtitle the storyboarded version of the unreleased “episode 2” as well as re-release the rest of the episodes with the higher quality video.
However, for now, we’ll just keep seeding this torrent.

Raws for this series were provided courtesy of Garuda-Raws
Translation by FushigiNoKuniNo
Timing & Typesetting by yours truly, VigorousJammer.


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