[New Release] Metal Fight Beyblade Zero G V.1 Ch.3


I know some of you have been patiently waiting for this and we are sorry for the delay. But do not worry, IT is here and as marvelous as ever XD. Thanks to all who helped work on this (Wizard for cleaning, Anon for TLing, BusyBeeVee for typesetting, and our newest Beyblade extrodinaire Cat! She is a pro and did a great job with the QC of this chapter. She Is working hard on the rest of the series as well as Burst.

Metal Fight Beyblade Zero G V.1 Ch.3

On that note, Burst ch2 should be done soon enough. I have another Beyblade spin off (pun intended) and a Beyblade doujinshi (G rated don’t worry), but they are in Translating and Editing.

Once again, we always need cleaners, typesetter, and translators (any language) to help with the plethora of projects that we have 😀


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