[New Release] The Five Days of Halloween 2015 – Day 1: Shoujo Watch & Journal for February 5th

Hey there, everybody! There’s a full moon out tonight, Halloween is nearly upon us, and leading up to it, Golden Roze has got a bunch of Horror manga for you to feast on with your sharp fangs or your blood-sucking alien antennae (or… you know… just for reading or whatever).

Today, we kick things off with two releases.

First, we’ve got a a new chapter of everyone’s favorite Shoujo spinoff manga, “Youkai Watch – WakuWaku Nyanderful Days”
This chapter is only somewhat horror themed… in that it has Youkai in it. Well, there is a skeleton looking Youkai in this one, so… that’s something, I suppose.

Download: Youkai Watch – WakuWaku Nyanderful Days, V.1 Ch.2


Next up, we’ve got a one-shot from an indie mangaka known as Masumura17. I believe this may be the first of his works to be translated into English, and it’s known as “Journal for February 5th”. It’s got some horror elements to it, but it’s actually a somewhat deep and somewhat personal one-shot. Get it below, and if you’re curious, you can visit his website or check out the original one-shot here.

Download: “Journal for February 5th” by Masumura17

Be sure to check back tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, as we’ll be posting more releases every day, leading all the way up to Halloween.


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