[New Release] Beyblade Burst Ch.2

It’s finally here! After lacking a TL for it we have finally found someone who is able to stick to the monthly releases of the series. Thank you Ryukou for translating, anon for the raws, wizard for cleans and qc and also Cat for her typesetting skillz. We plan to have chapters 3-4 out soon as the translator is working hard on them

Beyblade Burst Ch.2 Download

We still need staff like Cleaners, Typesetters, Translators (any language) and Proofreaders. IF you can help, please apply via the recruitment page tab.



3 thoughts on “[New Release] Beyblade Burst Ch.2

  1. Ryukou, nice job on that translation. Lots of clarity in your script, and it was much appreciated. The typesetting went very smoothly. Glad to hear you will be on board for the rest. And thank you to everyone else who is helping to get this fun series out in English.

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