[New Release] Grand Dolls Ch. 3 (and a second version of Ch. 2)

Hey there! Got some more Grand Dolls here for all of you Tezuka fans! ^_^
First off, there was a bit of a mistake during editing for the previous chapter. The cleaner missed the final page of the chapter entirely, and we didn’t catch it in QC either, so we’re now releasing a second version of Chapter 2 with that page included. Sorry about that, everyone! >_<

Anyway, we’re also releasing Chapter 3 now. Chapter 4 will be the finale, and this chapter is building up things pretty nicely, and has some cool moments. Hope you all enjoy the chapter, and be sure to look forward to the conclusion of the story soon. ^_^

Grand Dolls Ch. 2 (v2) – Download
Grand Dolls Ch. 3 – Download

Aside from that, do you know how to use Photoshop? Do you want to clean or typeset manga? Or, are you a translator who can translate from some language into English? We have scans in plenty of different languages that you can translate from.
Even if you don’t have any experience, we have links to some guides on our recruitment page to help you out.
If you enjoy our releases and want to help us out, please consider doing so, that way we can release more and more of them at a quicker pace. Head on over to the recruitment page and fill out the form to apply. ^_^


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