[New Release] Golgo 13 – V.44 Ch.167 – “Christmas 24 Hours”

Hey there everybody! Christmas is almost here, and what better way to get in the holiday spirit than with a little bit of… sniping?
Yes, that’s right. Duke Togo is here to wish you a very happy holiday season, but unlike Santa, he won’t be wearing red (instead, he’ll make his targets red… from blood… or something… yeah!).
In any case, this is a crossover chapter with one of Takao Saito’s other series, called “Doll: The Hotel Detective”. If you haven’t read that series, CrunchyRoll has done all three volumes of it, so head on over there and check it out when you get some spare time (they let you read the first chapter for free).
Anyway, you don’t need to be familiar with that series to enjoy this chapter, so pour yourself some eggnog, get nice & cozy by the fireplace, and check out the chapter at the download link below.

Golgo 13 V.44 Ch.167 – Download

Oh, and before I go, I should mention that we’re interested in doing more Golgo 13, and we’ve got cleaners & typesetters that are interested in it. However, the translator who did this chapter seems pretty busy with other projects and we’re not sure how soon it’ll be before he’s able to do another one.
If you’d like, though, go check out his release blog over at Dumbnut. He’s a one-man group over there and is currently working on a Resident Evil manga as well as another Takao Saito series called “Survival”.

And be sure to check back here tomorrow for some more Christmas presents!


4 thoughts on “[New Release] Golgo 13 – V.44 Ch.167 – “Christmas 24 Hours”

    Eh… is this Vigorous Jammer-san from Forgotten Scans?? <– Aria lol

    • Yup, the very same VigorousJammer. I’m still kind-of sort-of taking part in some small roles at Forgotten-Scans, but since sometime earlier this year most of my focus has shifted over here to Golden Roze.

      • Hi! Are you still scanlating Golgo 13? It takes around 4 months for a chapter to come out, even longer in few cases. I need to understand how this thing works. Why isn’t anyone willing to scanlate Golgo 13 any longer?

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