[New Release] Merry Christmas 2015!!!

It’s Christmas!!
And, we’ve got a bunch of presents for all of you, our dear readers!

Ah, but first, here’s a tree… (look under it to find the presents)


xmas_present_blue2      xmas_present_green   xmas_present_redgreen

xmas_present_pinkgold   xmas_present_pinkstars   xmas_present_yellow

OH? What’s that? You’re waiting for me to tell you what’s in each of the presents? Well, I’ll tell you this much: All of them are new manga chapters that we’re releasing.
Which ones? Well, you’ll just have to click on each one to open them up and find out. That’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it? 😀

Anyway, we hope you like these gifts, and from all of us here at Golden Roze, we hope you have a very merry Christmas, and a happy New Year. ^_^

Update 2015-12-28: Well, now that Christmas is over and the holiday season has all but come to a close (save for the New Year and whatnot) I figured I’d update this post to make it a little easier for people in the future, searching back through out release archive. So, below… I’ll spoil the surprise for everyone and give you some regular ol’ download links to the same chapters that are in the presents above, unwrapped and in an easy-to-digest list.

Raising a Bat – Ch 19 – Download

The Day the Magpie Cries – Ch 8 – Download

The Day the Magpie Cries – Ch 9 – Download

Everyone’s an Esper – Ch 11 – Download

Metal Fight Beyblade Zero G – Ch 5 – Download

Beyblade Kyachhi Booru (Doujin) – Download


8 thoughts on “[New Release] Merry Christmas 2015!!!

  1. Didn’t realize Beyblade attracted BL fans…a little surprising for me, ahah. Thank you for the Christmas gifts! Excited for these two Magpie chapters. ❤

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