[New Release x New Series] September October (Full Volume) & Utsurun Desu 105

Hey there, everyone! Got a double shot of manga here for you all! (no, not the Starbucks kind of Double Shot, lol)
First up, we’ve got a standalone volume by author Shimada, Toranosuke called “September October”. It’s an everyday drama about a man going through his daughter’s divorce.
According to the translator, it’s really depressing, so he went ahead and translated a few 4-koma shorts from vol 3 of an old 4-koma series called “Utsurun Desu” to keep you all cheerful and upbeat and… not depressed.

You can find both of them below:

September October – c000-011 (Complete Volume) – Download
Utsurun Desu – 105 (v03) – Download

“September October” technically marks our group’s second completed series (even though it’s only one volume long).
As for Utsurun Desu, we’re not actually sure if we’ll be doing any more of it. The translator only did these few little shorts from it for fun, after seeing a runner speedrun the Famicom game during this year’s AGDQ. Still, he hasn’t completely ruled out the idea of doing more.


7 thoughts on “[New Release x New Series] September October (Full Volume) & Utsurun Desu 105

    • We currently have translations for Bat completed up to ch 25. The group we’re doing the joint with, Asclepias Scans, takes care of all of the editing on the chapters.
      I remember reading something in mid-December that they were a bit swamped with the holidays, but now that they’re over, they may be getting back on track.
      Honestly, they’d know how quickly the editing is going better than we do. You can find their site at https://asclepiasscans.wordpress.com/ if you’d like to ask them over there. ^_^

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