[New Series] Blue Giant v01 c001

Hey there, everyone! We’ve got a new series, and it’s one that I’m honestly pretty excited about.
It’s called “Blue Giant”, and it’s about a senior high school student named Miyamoto Dai, who discovers Jazz music and starts playing the saxophone by the river bank. Practicing it daily, he adopts the goal of becoming the best saxophone player in the world.

You can download the first chapter below.

Blue Giant v01 c001 – Download

As a jazz lover, myself, I can really relate to the main character in this one, and all of the references to famous jazz musicians makes it really resonate with someone like me.
The series began serialization in the magazine “Big Comic” on May 10, 2013… since then it’s become immensely popular, and was nominated twice for the Manga Taisho Awards, once in 2015, and once just this past January in 2016.

Lots of us here at Golden Roze are really excited about picking up this project, and I hope you all are, too! We hope you enjoy the first chapter, and we’ll be bringing you more, soon.


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