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19 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello !
    i just knew about you guys from the city hunter manga, and first of all i have to thank you so much because i love almost all your releases and a double thanks for going back to city hunter.
    just one question, how frequently is City Hunter going to be translated ? (and pls do it as fast as possible cause i’m loving it too much xD)
    also could you link to the donations link

  2. Hello, guys! I’m from a Russian scanlation team KLYaP, we would like to translate “Raising a Bat” from English into Russian, so could we use your translation, please?^0^ Of course we’ll add your credits into chapters. We’ll use Korean raws, so we need only the permission to use your texts for translating. We’ve also had much experience of working with webtoons, so you shouldn’t worry about the quality.
    We are looking forward to your answer!^^
    And thank you for your hard working!^0^

  3. Hi! Im Mary.
    I have a Facebook page here on Brasil, and I like to know if you can give us permission for translating for Portuguese, we will give all the credits for your site of course.

  4. Hi!
    I just starter reading Rasing a Bat today and I’ve been wondering, how often do you guys translate it?
    I finished every translated chapter today and I WANT MORE 😁😁😁

  5. Hi! im tsuki no fansub , I wanted knowing if I can get your permission to use your’s scans of tonari no kanata to translated it into Spanish, we already ask for paper moon scans for the permission, and they say that we need to ask you also :), thanks for read nwn

  6. Hello, I’m Flynn from Pure Mashiro Scans (
    I’m translating Kekkonshite mo Koishiteru into Vietnamese, but missed the chance to download chapter 7 from Pixiv page, so I’d want to ask if you still keep the web RAW for this chapter? If you do, please kindly send it to my e-mail: flynn.ryder95(at)gmail(dot)com.
    Thank you very much.

  7. Hello, I’m Butcher from Brazilian scan AnimaRegia.

    I’m in love with Blue Giant, and I got pumped up to translate it, so I need your permission to use yours translations 🙂

    Btw, I’m really short in staff, it’s possible to get PSDs or cleaned raws?

    Thank you for your time and keep the great work!

    My website:

  8. Hi , my name is Ale .. i am admin of Furi Fura Fansub i want ask you if is possible, if we may be able to translate these mangas to spanish and give your raws ..I’ll put your credits in your mangas .. I appreciate your response
    Mnagas :
    Kimi to Eureka
    Seishun Rikon
    Sono Hoshi o Boku-tachi wa Koi to Yobu Koto ni Suru

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