Manga Projects

Our bread & butter. Below are all of the manga that we’ve worked on, as well as an archive of download links for each chapter.

Note: For new series we may not have a chapter archive available yet.







These are projects that we’re interested in doing, but don’t have enough staff to actually get started on them. We’re not “claiming” these titles or anything like that, this is just a list of things that our current staff would like to work on. If any of these series look interesting to you and you would like to help out with them, please head on over to our recruitment page and apply today!


Animation Projects

While we mostly focus on scanlation, we also do some fansubbing on the side. Below are the animation projects we’ve worked on.



Once again, we’re not “claiming” these shows, this is simply a list of shows that our current staff are considering. If you’ve got fansubbing experience and want to help us get the ball rolling on any of these shows, head on over to that recruitment page of ours and apply!

  • Dr. Slump & Arale-chan »
  • Maido! Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku »

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