Ambassador Magma

Name: Ambassador Magmai109010.png

Author: Osamu Tezuka

Genre: Mecha

Magazine: Shounen Gaho

Year: 1965-1967

Summary: An evil dinosaur-wizard-alien named Goa plans to take over earth and get rid of all the humans living on it. Earth, the creator of earth, makes three “Rocketonians” to stop him: the golden giant Magma, his mostly absent throughout the whole series wife Mol, and their son Gamu, who is made in the image of the main character, Mamoru (a human boy).

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Volume 1-2 done by twopioneers
Volume 3
2015, August 15 Chapter 17 MF »
2015, August 27 Chapter 18 MF »
2015, November 04 Chapter 19 MF »
2015, February 23 Chapter 20 MF »



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