Name:  Midnight

Author: TEZUKA Osamu (Story and Art)

Genre: Adventure, Shounen

Magazine: Manga Shonen

Year: 1986

Summary: Midnight is the story of a taxi driver named Shinya Mito (whose name is literally Japanese for “mid” and “night”) and his various passengers, each of whom he helps in various ways. Shinya drives a taxi as a way to earn money for the treatment of a young woman named Mari, whose brain was injured sometime earlier as the result of an accident Shinya was responsible for causing. The taxi Shinya drives is equipped with a fifth wheel which makes the car more maneuverable under any kind of road conditions.

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Volume 2
2015, March 14 Chapter 9 MF »
2015, April 5 Chapter 10 MF »
2015, May 14 Chapter 11 MF »
2015, June 5 Chapter 12 MF »
2015, June 21 Chapter 13 MF »
2015, July 4 Chapter 14 MF »
2015, July 14 Chapter 15 MF »
2015, December 8 Chapter 16 MF »
2015, December 8 Chapter 17 MF »

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