New Series: Memento Mori V.1 Ch.1


With that being said, we present to you Memento Mori V.1 Ch.1 by Fumi Fumiko. Yes it is about death, so keep that in mind xD We also have a few other things in store for you all within the next couple of weeks (what could they be?). We do need Cleaners and Typesetters for our current and future series.


Memento Mori V.1 Ch.1 – Download001

New Release: Space Profile Ch.3

Finally some more of Space Profile. Not only did we take awhile to release this, the author had went on hiatus for a few months. With that being said, he only did 2 more chapters and them completed the series at 5 chapters. So yeah look forward to them soon.

We also REALLY need a cleaner and or typesetter for a few projects. If you can help, please apply!


Space Profile  Ch.3 – Download126

New Release: Beyblade Burst Ch.4

Another chapter of Beyblade Burst… SWEET.

On that note, we need donations and or cleaners and typesetters. Donations to help find a translator to work on more of Burst, and cleaners to help with other series. If you can help or have a friend who can please do ^.^


Beyblade Burst Ch.4 – Download